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Copy? Written. Images and graphics? Created. Back in the day, that would mean your Product Detail Pages were good to go. Today, there are a few more levers to pull to create amazing PDPs and increase conversion rates. If you’ve already tackled copy and thumbnail images, the next step of listing optimisation is A+ Content. 

What is A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content allows you to use high-quality images, banners, charts, and (with A+ Premium) video to help win over customers and reduce returns. A+ Content can help overcome purchase barriers, highlight product features and benefits, and drive brand affinity. According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase sales by 3-10%. Though once viewed as a “nice to have,” A+ Content is now a vital piece of the Amazon selling experience.

Check out some tips below on how to create informative and engaging A+ Content:

Emphasise Your USP

Consumers crave product content that helps them narrow down their options to a specific taste, dietary restriction, or personal preference. Is your product vegan or Keto-friendly, pet-safe or weather resistant? If so, shout about it!

Show Don’t Tell

A+ Content is meant to be visual and light on text. Great graphics, clean lifestyle images, and product shots help break up copy. There are plenty of modules that highlight imagery, so don’t be afraid to try them out.

Answer the FAQs

Chances are, you couldn’t answer all potential customer questions in the bullet points. That’s okay! There are plenty of A+ modules that can help add extra information. Don’t forget, you can always answer the most common questions in a banner or hero image to really get the point across. 

Show Off Your Brand History & Commitments

Connecting with consumers is key and as sustainability and other environmental concerns continue to rise, consumers want reassurance that the brands they choose to support share their values. A+ Content is the perfect way to shout about all the good things you are doing – what your company stands for, what you’re doing to give back to local communities, how you adhere to sustainable manufacturing practices or any social/environmental activities you and your team promote.

Utilise the Comparison Chart

Product detail pages are designed around a single product, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to showcase other products in your catalogue. With comparison charts, you can link out to other product pages and go into detail about products that might be of more interest to the customer – minimising the risk of them clicking away from the brand altogether. 

Keep the Content Relevant

Seasonality may shift how your customers enjoy the product. Customers want to see how your products and brand would fit into their life and that might change over time.

For example, think about exercising in the height of summer versus the middle of winter. Chances are the workouts have moved indoors or, at the very least, the clothing requirements have changed. Swapping the sunny, outdoor photos for rainy or gym-based imagery in preparation for winter can highlight a product’s versatility and adaptability. 

It’s also important to show off how your products can be used. Recipe ideas can help spark inspiration and get customers excited to try out new products.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into A+ Content or are curious how else Expert Edge can help build great looking, highly conversing detail pages, why not book in some time with an Expert Edge Amazon Account Specialist?

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