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We’re really excited that Amazon has featured our successful and strong strategic plan for our client TENZING, a natural energy drink brand.

Seeing our hard work get fantastic recognition is something we’re really proud of and we wanted to showcase this on our blog.

  • We’ve increased sales by 150% in 2020 in comparison to 2019.
  • Since TENZING launched in 2018, our mission has been increasing visibility for the brand on Amazon, acquiring new customers, and ultimately encouraging more sales and growth.

Seeing our client’s sales rocket over the past year and watching recognition of their brand increase, along with the growth into new product lines for TENZING makes it all worthwhile for us here at Expert Edge. Having Amazon then provide a fantastic testimonial of our work is a real compliment.

TENZING approached us to discuss their plans to help grow their sales and to fully optimise a brand new Amazon store by enhancing their product pages for better customer experience. They also wanted to bring personality to the brand and include their brand story, alongside a fresh take on product descriptions and photos.

Since building their campaign, we’ve helped to increase TENZING’s sales by 150% in 2020 in comparison to 2019, with revenue from sponsored ads increasing by 200%. Not only were TENZING impressed, but Amazon themselves picked up on the success and shared their own glowing testimonial.

In 2018, TENZING launched a new Amazon store with a refreshed collection of product pages and an improvement to the customer experience.

This growth is attributed not only to the total overhaul of TENZING’s Amazon Store, which included more engaging content for an optimal customer experience, but also to their use of sponsored products, brands and, towards the end of 2020, Amazon DSP (Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform).

Here, we were able to expand into remarketing campaigns and to utilize Amazon Audiences for highly targeted and relevant ad placements for TENZING.

David Jennison, Founder and Chairman of Expert Edge, commented:

“We are absolutely delighted that Amazon has recognised our hard work and the thorough strategy on their platform that has delivered such fantastic results for TENZING. The range of powerful advertising features available have been absolutely instrumental in our strategy, and by integrating these with a facelift on the storefront, we have seen results that some brands can only dream of.

“After leading TENZING through the tricky year that was 2020 but still coming out with results of this scale, we look forward to seeing further growth for them and our other brands in 2021 and onwards.”

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