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Get Your Amazon Business Ready for Q4

One of the most common topics we get asked about is, “what’s the best way to maximise performance during peak seasonal periods on Amazon?” Though goals can be very brand-specific, the main objective is often increasing revenue. While the theory is simple – increase conversion while traffic is high and customers are primed to buy – in practice, there’s a lot more to it!

Here are a few things to consider when planning a peak strategy:


Get any changes and promotions uploaded early! Making changes to copy might affect your short-term Amazon rankings. Try to make copy changes well in advance to reduce any adverse effects the changes may have. Similarly, if changes need Amazon approval (such as A+ Content and Stores), allow plenty of time for revisions.

Plan Your Advertising Budget

During peak periods, competitors are going to be ramping up spends as well, pushing Cost Per Click higher than average. Be sure to monitor and adjust daily budgets so your ads run throughout the day – especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. If you’ve got the budget, consider how using DSP could amplify your brand during the peak shopping season.

Prepare Your Q4 Supply Chain

Getting stock into Amazon can be tricky – especially as IPI thresholds and restock limits have tightened. Be sure to understand which products should be prioritised during the key periods and if necessary, consider an MFN option for SKUs that won’t benefit as much from the peak periods. 

It seems like a no-brainer but work with your logistics team to allocate Amazon-specific stock. Promotional planning means nothing if your products go out of stock. 

Refocus your Portfolio

Q4 is built for gifting. If you don’t think you have products that fit the bill, check sales reports to understand which products are being bought together. Is there an opportunity to create a bundle or a gift pack? This is a great opportunity to diversify the product portfolio and increase average order value. It’s never a bad idea to create additional buyer use cases and bring more customers into the brand.

Preparing for the holiday shopping season can never start too early. Keep an eye out for more peak planning considerations (we even didn’t get to conversion rate optimisation or analytics yet!) or get in touch today to find out how Expert Edge can support your ramp-up to a successful peak period.

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