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While the sun is still out and most of us are just returning from our holiday time, Prime Fall is just around the corner and the start of Q4 is just a few weeks away. This Q4 is filled with big key Amazon Events Prime Fall (1st time on Amazon!), Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and followed by Christmas and Boxing Day! Let’s not forget New Year’s prep will also need to be accounted for so close to the year-end. It’s already so packed so whether you’re a seller or vendor, it’s time to accelerate.

Here are some top tips & learnings that can help you feel more secure and prepared for Q4 2022: 

Optimise Your Listings

You’ll want to ensure your titles, bullet points, and product descriptions are in great shape for Q4. If applicable, rephrase the content in line with the festive season to capture the right audience. You still have time to create and upload optimised images before the peak period. Before Q4 hits, you’ll want to not only check over all of your listings but also refresh keywords using an SEO-based approach. We recommend using external tools to research your products and take advantage of your hidden keywords field to capture and target the most relevant audience for your products. 

PS – Never update content close to deals going live as any content that doesn’t get approved or has backend policy violations can lead to delisting the SKUs and results in the deal not going live.

Use All the Brand Registry Benefits

Assuming you’re already using A+ Content and Brand Store, you do not want to miss out on the new addition – the A+ brand story. This will give you access to A+ Premium featuring more modules, a video section and so much more. The better the lifestyle images and video content, the better the chances of increasing NTB customers and creating brand loyalty.

Testing Time

Use A/B testing to get valuable insights on your A+ Content, Main Images or even Product titles. Find out how each aspect affects conversion rates and make changes to implement your findings. 

Be Promotions Ready

Taking part in all Amazon events gives your brand a presence on Amazon’s biggest event pages. That valuable real estate has huge amounts of traffic flowing through it during the major Amazon events. Be sure to submit the recommended Lightning Deals or 7-Day deals within the required deadlines. However, if you are late submitting these deals, don’t worry, running promotional vouchers at deeper discounts (ranging from 25% – 40%) will still boost conversion rates. Similarly, adding multipacks and gift packs can expand the buyer personas and help you reach most shoppers.

Boost It with Ads

With competition increasing, it is important to be finely tuned before getting into Q4. Having well-optimised campaigns ahead of peak traffic times can help reduce overspending. Identifying non-converting keywords and adding them as negative targets can help maintain a low ACoS. If budgets are small, stick to the most efficient keywords and be sure to feed converting keywords back into your content.

Forecast, Plan, and Prep Your Inventory

Keeping an eye on stock levels is very crucial. You can have all the above key points in place but if you fall low in stock, there will be no way to recover! Make sure you have enough FBA storage space at Amazon. Q4 generally sees a 30% – 50% rise in sales compared to previous quarters. Use learnings from 2021 to inform inventory forecasts. 

Balance is key here – extra storage means extra costs, but with not enough stock, you’ll miss out on sales and the chance to gain more brand awareness. Similarly, going out of stock and losing the buy-box due will also hurt your sales rank, which can be difficult to come back from. Proper inventory forecasting is often the secret ingredient for success in Q4.

Be Prepared and Be Flexible

Last but not least make sure to have a Plan B.  Things are bound to go wrong, but if you’ve got backup plans ready to go, Q4 might actually be fun!

If you’re ready to take your Q4 sales to the next level, let’s chat

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