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Let’s talk about Amazon content. We all know the basics of an Amazon listing. Titles, bullet points, imagery and a product description. Laid out in their simplest parts, those elements may sound straightforward, but each piece gives Sellers a chance to push the sale forward, contribute to the SEO strategy, and show off the brand.

With so many products available on Amazon, it can be difficult to stand out. Creating a branded experience throughout the buying journey can help establish trust and give the buyer confidence in their purchase. If branding is done properly, it not only engages customers but as a result, leads to a sale.

On Amazon, having quality imagery, detailed titles and bullet points, informative and approachable A+ Content and a Brand store page is vital to building a foundation for success.

In the UK, 56% of all product searches start on Amazon, with another 34% on search engines. With Amazon’s high domain authority and strong ad budget, it’s likely an Amazon link will be near the top of search results – pointing more customers back to your product pages. Sellers who aren’t putting their best content forward may lose both the immediate sale and the customer’s trust overall.

Still not sure why excellent content is vital? Here’s a quick list of reasons how investing in content can help move the needle:

  • Increase Conversion Rate – Answering common questions and setting realistic expectations in the bullet points and images can reduce buyers’ uncertainty, reduce returns, increase reviews, and kickstart sales velocity to start spinning the flywheel.
  • Build Customer Trust – going the extra mile in your product listing shows potential customers that you are a reliable Seller. Customers love to buy from Sellers who showcase their products uniquely and engagingly. Storytelling can help push shoppers across the line and give them a reason to keep coming back.
  • Get Ahead of the Pack – with more than 9 million Sellers on Amazon, the competition is high. Investing in your content can help set your brand and products apart from the noise.

Let’s that we know why content is vital, and how can we get the most out of each element:

Product Title and Bullet Points

Product content should not only highlight product features but also explain the unique value propositions. Optimised listings should answer why customers should choose a product over competitors. Well-defined features and benefits and other well-written descriptive copy provide further strength to the brand’s competitive edge.

Product Images

Images are often the initial engagement touch on Amazon. Chances are, customers scroll through images before glancing at the titles, bullet points, or A+ Content. This is especially true on mobile. Making engaging and descriptive images might help win customers’ attention, increase click-through rate, and keep shoppers engaged. 

A+ Content

A+ Content helps create a full digital shopping experience. Quality A+ Content serves as a digital sales and customer service team. With customisable blocks, this is the place to show off your creativity and introduce your brand to the customer. When browsing on mobile, A+ Content appears ahead of bullet points, so it’s no longer a “nice to have.” A+ Content is an imperative piece of the content puzzle. 

Brand Store

An Amazon Brand Store is a brand’s opportunity to tell its story and introduce the brand values, mission, and goals. It’s the one place on Amazon that other Sellers can’t advertise, making it some of the most important real estate on the site. A great brand store can increase sales, cross-sell new products, and build customer loyalty.

If you feel like content is holding you back, let’s chat. Our Amazon specialists can create a free and bespoke listing audit to help you get the basics down.

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