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Amazon Australia launched back in December 2017 and since then has attracted millions of unique monthly visitors, generating $292 million in its first 12 months of operating.

Amazon is not only a place for the consumer to shop online but also a place where they can discover new products and brands. Therefore, with the announcement of Amazon Advertising in Australia, it is an exciting time for businesses selling on the platform.

Amazon advertising offers a range of tools and analytics that enables businesses to reach their intended audiences through precise targeting which is all powered by the data Amazon provides on its customer’s shopping habits.

“We are excited to continue working with advertisers and agencies to help them grow their businesses and meet their goals.” Said an Amazon spokesman.

If you take a bricks and mortar approach when selling on Amazon, your products will inevitably be left on the shelf. Amazon advertising offers businesses the ability to create specific campaigns that are divided into two main categories. Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored product campaigns promote products to shoppers actively searching related keywords or viewing similar products on Amazon, whereas Sponsored brand campaigns showcase a collection of products to shoppers that are actively searching with related keywords.

As 90% of customers start a purchase on Amazon with keyword search and only 30% of those making it onto the 2nd page, sponsored campaigns are imperative to winning on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising (formerly: Amazon Marketing Services) provides a real insight into consumers buying habits through its treasure trove of shopping data available for businesses to utilise and capitalise on.

Businesses can monitor shopping activity around their products before, during, and after the campaign to see a correlation between advertising spend and sales. Therefore, giving a holistic view of measuring campaign effectiveness.

On the whole, the launch of Amazon Advertising Australia finally marks a major opportunity for businesses to advertise with intent. This tool offers advertising solutions to help you find, attract and engage with millions of Amazon customers at every single stage of their online journey.