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Prepping for Prime: Tips to Succeed on the Day

With Prime Day just around the corner and Early Prime Day deals already live, now is a crucial time to run through any last-minute adjustments before the big event. We have put together a last-minute checklist for you to ensure you are Prime Day ready.

Check Your Prime Day Deals

It may only seem like yesterday that you were submitting your Prime Day deals but we recommend in the final run-up to Prime Day, that you check your deals every few days. Some of the Amazon promotions require a certain amount of inventory or star rating to allow them to run, so make sure you keep an eye out for this.

It is a good idea to have a backup option in place to ensure you still can run a promotion if Amazon revokes your deal. Usually, Amazon will let you run a voucher or price discount 24 hours after submitting it.

Ramp Up Your Advertising Campaigns

Undoubtedly, Prime Day is a huge opportunity for accelerated sales. To capture the full benefit of the traffic and revenue uplift, it is important to commit a sufficient budget to ads so your products remain visible and buyable – especially against the most important Keywords and Campaigns. A high tide floats all boats but an underweight Advertising budget functions as a short anchor chain, tethering you below the high water mark, limiting visibility/reach and allowing competitors to capture a greater share of the upside. We recommend you start ramping up your campaigns 2-3 weeks before the event and continue to run aggressively until after the event.

Advertising Budget Recommendations

Most brands on Amazon will be running aggressive ads with higher budgets than usual. Be sure to allocate increased budgets and aggressive advertising not only during Prime Day itself but also in the Lead-up and Lead-out periods. You want to maximize the impact and reach of ads to get the full halo effect. A good rule of thumb is to adjust budgets at least +200% higher than your daily campaign spend.

Your Last-Minute Checklist

On Prime Day Itself?

If you missed the deadline for Amazon Deals for Prime Day altogether, don’t worry! There is still time to submit vouchers or price discounts for Prime Day.

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